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The research of products of Beijia Company focuses on high-grade, high-precision and advanced technologies. We treat hot sports in lubrication industry and difficulties faced by company as key points to make breakthrough. On one hand, we introduce foreign advanced technologies. On the other hand, we take root in independent research. Meanwhile, we reinforce the cooperation with universities and scientific research institution, integrate advantageous resources both from home and abroad for our own use. For the distinct features of equipment in different industries in China, we have developed several series of special lubricants and lubricating grease products to effectively solve the lubrication needs of equipment in rigorous working conditions such as high temperature, much water, much dust, radiation, high speed, high impact and high overload. Moreover, the health and food safety are increasingly concerned with the improvement of living standard, putting forward higher requirements for health and safety of foodstuff processing machinery. To this end, the company has developed the food grade lubricants (lubricating grease) in conjunction with SWEPCO - leader of the global lubrication industry to effectively solve the health and safety problems in the food processing process.
The company follows the principle of new, special and unique natures and employs expert-leading sale methods and industry-based management in terms of service management and provides scientific and systematic lubrication programs for different clients. What we provide is a set of comprehensive lubrication management programs rather than merely products. We first make systematic research on the clients to accurately master the equipment characteristics, make deep analysis of the equipment, human, filling process, lubricants (lubricating grease) and other factors, find out the problems, then put forward targeted solutions and customize individual lubrication programs for clients in line with the principle of one solution for one factory and one solution for one machine, so as to help the enterprise achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and to promote the development of the lubricate economy in China.