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Sales engineer (machinery/lubrication/sealing)

(I) Job responsibility: responsible for regional sales, development and management of the company's products and the technical guidance and consultation for the clients.

(II) Job requirements:

1. Love the job and have good business development ability and teamwork spirit;

2. Have good communication skills, communicative ability, strain ability and negotiation ability.

3. College degree or above, majored in machinery, lubrication, sealing and chemical engineering, more than two years of experience in sales or equipment maintenance and management, experience in lubrication sales, mechanical equipment repair or in the sales with the manufacturing enterprise as terminal client preferred 

(III) Please attach your detailed information when delivering the resume. 

Cooperation (complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win)

(I) Technological cooperation:           

1. Advanced process and product talents are owned in the field of high-end lubricants.

2. The R&D achievements of scientific research institutions and well-known university laboratories should be converted.

3. The domestic and foreign experts in lubrication industry should cooperate for R&D, production and sales.

4. Large enterprises or industries require technical support and product customization and R&D for lubrication.

(II) OEM cooperation:

1. Have self-owned trademarks and require production of the products approved by the National Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau in strict accordance with the standards.

2. Make batch purchase of existing products of the company through self-owned trademarks, packaging and specifications.

3. Make batch production through self-owned technologies, trademarks and packaging according to specification requirements.

(III) Resource cooperation: 

1. Have stable market resources and require products to be followed up.

2. Have powerful economic strength and good social resources and intend to develop in terms of lubrication energy conservation.

3. Require high-standard configuration for special requirements in the machine building industry.