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The late start in research on Chinese lubricants results in lack of knowledge on lubricants and improper scientific use methods. The lubrication - a potential and important cost factor is often ignored when the production and operation are concerned, extremely unmatching the requirements for the mechanical equipment developing rapidly in modern times. The phenomenon of valuing technological innovation over maintenance, purchase over operation, repair over lubrication, output over cost, experience over science, extensive over intensive, and price over quality is still common, resulting in unnecessary increase in costs and waste of labor and energy in many Chinese enterprises. Such phenomenon is mainly caused by failure to employ the three lubrication elements of machinery, lubrication and sealing organically and reasonably, systematically and scientifically and is a problem that is realistic and cannot be avoided in China currently. Based on such problem and combined with the actual situation of the company, we timely provide the clients with technical support and related knowledge training, provide services for the difficulties encountered by the clients in production and operation and effectively and reasonably design a scientific and practical lubrication plan for the clients, so that the clients can gain economic benefits truthfully. We provide comprehensive and excellent technical services, knowledge training and feasible planning while providing the clients with quality products, and eventually pioneer a shortcut of energy conservation, consumption reduction and safety operation for the clients.
So far, we have cooperated with more than sixty large or oversized enterprises such as Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Sky Chemical, Pingdingshan Coal Group, FAW-Volkswagen, Datang Group and Baqiao Power Plant for technical exchange and lubrication cost management training, effectively helping the enterprises to solve many actual difficulties, guaranteeing enterprise operation safety and cost reduction, getting high praise of clients and establishing a harmonious relationship of mutual reliance.

We advocate preliminary maintenance mechanism, i.e. the use of advanced lubrication technologies, high-quality lubrication materials and reasonable maintenance plans to prevent and reduce the failures in equipment operation rather than forced shutdown and maintenance for the equipment failure due to negligence of lubrication or poor lubrication. Such "normal phenomenon" is passive maintenance. It is the key to implement lubrication economy to replace the traditional passive maintenance with preliminary maintenance.