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Employ those with ability and put those with political integrity in important positions

Beijia adheres to the talent philosophy of "Determine salaries based on posts, pay rewards based on performance and give consideration to internal fairness and external competitiveness" and implements  the comprehensive contract system for all employees. The company reasonably arranges the employee labor and production, rest and vacation, wages and rewards according to actual production and operation of the company, participates in social insurance according to relevant national policies on social security and the requirements for localized management, and makes social insurance payment for the administration and logistics personnel according to the stipulated payment base and proportion.

The company's salary system consists of post wage, deduction wage, bonus and subsidy. Meanwhile, the company makes compensation analysis and adjustment each year through periodic investigation to ensure that the employees can obtain the salaries with competitiveness and development space.

While paying insurance and issuing subsidies in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations promulgated by the country, the company creates a comfortable work environment for the employees through public administration, council of trade unions, women's committee and other relevant functional departments and meticulously cares the basic necessities of life of the employees to try to achieve balance between work and life of the employees.