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The enterprise culture is like the soul of a man and an enterprise without culture is like a man without soul. The enterprise culture shall not be indiscriminately imitated or blindly mirrored and shall be the main line of the concepts actually integrated according to the enterprise resources. It shall be instructive and even operable; it shall be the sentences marked by words and even the reflection of actual behaviors of the staff and the norm commonly recognized; otherwise, the enterprise culture is nonsense. Everyone in Beijia recognizes the enterprise culture with each behavior:
Tenet:Benefit the users economically and provide scientific technical support and services.
Mission: Give play to the strongest power of machinery for enterprise energy conservation and consumption reduction!
Job selection principle:set up platform only for career and not provide posts for occupation;
Working Guidelines:Attitude is the foundation for business
                  Ability is the guarantee for success

                  Product is the edge tool for market expansion
                  Concept is the key for process supporting
                  Willpower is the fundamental for final success
View of problemsfocus on the overall situation globally, make reverse thinking and transpositional consideration, find more measures and fewer excuses, dare to bear the responsibilities and not fight for contribution; 
Principle of servicegive priority to the most needed and most critical problems of clients, treat seriously and implement effectively;
Principle of conservatismthink about 10,000 more ideas though they are not used, rather than think about no idea but it occurs;
Cooperative principle: demonstrate team spirit, so that the strengths of everyone can be fully played and the shortcomings are restricted by systems;
Cooperative Principle:A team, so that everyone's advantage into full play, make use of the system to limit the disadvantages;
Employment principle:
put those with both political integrity and ability in important positions, cultivate those with political integrity but without ability and never employ those with ability but without political integrity.
Principle basis
conductive to unity of the company, conductive to the company development and conductive to the increase in the company's benefit.