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The lubricant market is the first market opened to public in the Chinese petroleum industry and also an industry developing late in China. The Chinese lubricant enterprises form the following market pattern through reconstruction, survival of the fittest in the market economy and gradual market development towards standardization under the role of the market economy in recent years: first, lubricant enterprises under Sinopec and PetroChina, which occupy nearly 60% market share of the Chinese lubricant market by virtue of resource, technology and brand advantages; second,transnational lubricant enterprises represented by EXXON, Mobil and BP, which occupy 80% market share of high-end lubricant market by virtue of brand influence and molding technologies; third, private enterprises represented by Uni-President and Shell, which form non-negligible competitive strength in the market by virtue of flexible operational mechanism and awakened brand awareness.

The domestic lubricant enterprises are mostly in medium and low-end markets due to long-term negligence of lubrication protection and restrictions by high-end technologies. With rapid economic development in China, the industrial equipment level has been increased rapidly, but more than 80% of the matching high-quality and functional lubricants are monopolized by transnational enterprises or totally dependent on imports; due to lack of knowledge on lubricants, 95% of the enterprises use oil mistakenly or improperly in general, resulting in equipment service life shortening, low production efficiency, frequent accidents and unnecessary waste of energy. We clearly realize that the high-quality, energy-saving and multi-purpose lubricants are bound to be important development trend in the future in China - a consumption power of lubricants as the consumers are gradually rational after paying huge costs.

 To achieve sustainable enterprise development to adapt to the development needs of Chinese mechanical equipment, we adhere to the way of "introduction, digestion, absorption, innovation and re-innovation" with the starting point at the cutting edge of the industry and with the breakthrough point of introducing the world's cutting-edge technologies through research analysis. Through exploration and improvement in operation, summary and development in improvement, enhancement and absorption in development, and continuous innovation in absorption, we have successfully explored a development road suitable for the lubrication needs of Chinese enterprises, created an excellent operation management team and systematically innovated a set of complete concepts and methods of knowledge support, technical guidance and personalized services. On the basis of detailed planning and full demonstration, we have heavily invested in official commencement and construction of our own high-standard and automatic production base and successfully carried out international technological cooperation with the high-end lubricant technology R&D institutions in America and Russia. Through constant exchange and learning with foreign partners, we greatly promote advancement of technologies and lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company.