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Reviewing the current conditions of lubrication industry of China in terms of technologies for manufacturing base oils or China's gaps in lubrication technologies with that of developed countries, requirements for the standards of lube and modern equipment are obviously lagged behind. To shorten the gaps or avoid twists and turns, the company in the first place established the technologically strategic guideline specifying that technologies should be stimulated by export orientation for eventually achieving the independent innovation, and employed the mythology of mutual benefit, complementary advantages, learning imported technologies and innovation for perfection. Besides, technology introduction, independent R& D as well as inputs for scientific research were added into the schedule of corporate management. Introducing and developing innovative talents  of science and technology was treated as a priority. Prizes for Technological Outputs and for Innovation were used as a stimulus for everyone's active participation. Introduction, Integration, Learning, Innovation and Further Innovation were greatly emphasized. 
With continuous efforts and on the basis of constant cooperation and communication with international lubrication industry, in 2007 the company once again formed the closely technological cooperation with American Research Center for Advanced Lubricant and achieved the goal of sharing internationally technology resources. The company regularly dispatches technological personnel to America for technological training and participate in various researches for improving our company's technological strength and  keeping pace with international level. Meanwhile, our American counterparts also regularly come to our company for technological guide and project discussion, timely eliminating and solving technological difficulties. The organic exchanges in technologies greatly promote the smooth development of R& D. 
The company always insists on the developmental policies of High Standing Point, Technological Orientation and Innovative Road, implement the developmental strategy of combining export-oriented stimulus and independent innovation, and has conducted successful strategic cooperation with SWEPCO company, leading role of global lubrication industry. Our company has conducted cooperation with celebrated institutions and universities in China in terms of production, study and research. On November 30, 2015, Henan Beijia Lubrication  Science & Technology Co., Ltd become the first Chinese company to be accepted as official member of Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. Up to 2016, through efforts of researchers by both parties, 16 global projects concerning lubrication technology have been finished, including 3 internationally advanced projects, 6 advanced ones in China, 5 projects having filled up the industrial vacancies. Besides, it has applied for patent protection for 12 times, including 9 patents for invention and 3 patents for utility models. These have provided powerful guarantee for keeping the company's leading role in the industry and laid foundations for sustainable development.