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Technology is the foundation and driver of improving social productive forces. Innovation is the catalyst of keeping the continual progression of technology.
To keep healthy development and its industrial leading role, a company can't proceed without the technological supports. Therefore, continuous inputs and attention should be paid to technology and innovation. Since the foundation of Beijia, technology & innovation have been the foundation and strategy of our company. We always employ two methods. On one hand, we introduce advanced technologies and ideas to ensure our company can keep abreast of advanced foreign technologies. On the other hand, we have established cooperation with various institutions & universities in terms of production, study and research. Meanwhile, we also bring excellent talents on board and establish our own R& D team for further innovation on the basis of absorbing the advanced foreign technologies. 
With continuous inputs and instant efforts of many years, we have yield plentiful results in technology and innovation. So far, Beijia Company has overcome 16 global difficulties concerning lubrication technology, including 3 internationally advanced ones, 6 advanced ones in China. Besides, 5 projects have filled up the industrial vacancies. We also have applied for 19 patents. These efforts and accomplishments provide powerful guarantee for the company to keep a leading role in the industry and pave firm foundation for sustainable development. Dedicated to our missions, we shall strike for promoting China's lubricating economy and achieving the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.