Product Features

1. With medium and low-viscosity lubricating oil in the public oil supply system, it is particularly suitable for purification of hydraulic oil, machine oil, transformer oil, compressor oil, steam turbine oil, cooling oil and other lubricants in mine, metallurgy, electric power, traffic and manufacturing industries.

2. The specific desulphurization equipment can effectively remove the acidic materials in the oil and improve the oxidation resistance of the oil.

3. Quickly remove the water, gas, impurities and volatile matters (such as alcohol, gasoline and ammonia gas) in the oil, deeply filter the fine particles in the oil, improve the oil quality and recover the lubricant viscosity, flashing point and service performance to ensure normal operation of the hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.


The lubricant is one of important factors to maintain and safeguard mechanical operation and also an important part of cost element. Most sectors in China operate and use the lubricants based on experience and conventions rather than scientific oil use methods, resulting in misuse of oil. The corresponding lubrication plans cannot be designed reasonably according to the actual needs and working conditions of each unit of equipment, so that most lubricants are changed before maturity or are not timely changed at maturity and the replaced lubricants are handled as waste, thereby increasing the production costs, polluting the environment and greatly wasting valuable petroleum resources.

CPU multi-purpose field lubricant resource regeneration vehicle helps you with these problems, handles and recycles the oils deemed as waste by you and pioneers a new way for your energy conservation and emission reduction. This vehicle is a product with intellectual property right of invention patent jointly developed by us and the American Lubricant R&D Institution according to the current situation of the lubricants used by Chinese industrial enterprises and consists of the production and blending system, automatic control system, field rapid detection system and dehydration and deacidification system. The whole device is systematic, scientific and complete with powerful comprehensive functions.

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