Product Features

1. It is made of advanced synthetic base oil and aluminum composite based gel by means of most advanced manufacturing and homogenizing technology;

2. The product components include soft metal, solid lubricant and chemical corrosion-resistant binder. The surface film formed may withstand the pressure above 14000kgf/;

3. Provide best protection for the parts, bolts, screws and threads of the production equipment to effectively prevent rust, corrosion, abrasion and anti-chafing; 

4. Withstand extremely high operating temperature up to 1093℃.


It is used for the slide valves, moving parts, bearings and mating surfaces of the iron and steel plants and foundry works; all threaded connections, flange bolts, high pressure and high temperature sterilizers and valves of the chemical plants and oil refineries; threaded components, exhaust pipe bolts and steam pipelines of power plants; all bolts and screws operating at high temperature in the airplanes; components withstanding high temperature and high pressure in the ocean.


1 Kg,17Kg

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