Product Features

1. With wide temperature application range and good high and low temperature performance, the grease is not liquified at 300℃, can keep soft, fine and smooth without hardening at low temperature, can be pumped out at -18℃ and withstand a large torque at -40℃;

2.Reduce frictional resistance effectively and extend service life. The film of grease can withstand 14000kgf/cm2 which is more than 10 times of Lithium grease. It can reduce frictional resistance 85%, so extend the life of equipment .

2. Effectively reduce the equipment wear and prolong the service life. The extreme pressure and wear test shows that the grease has excellent extreme pressure resistance and the oil film formed can withstand the pressure above 14000kgf/, higher than one time compared with common file based grease. The grease can reduce the wear by more than 85%, so as to prolong the equipment service life;

3. The salt spray test proves that the grease has extremely good corrosion resistance;

4. Free of heavy metal, harmless to production environment and conductive to environmental protection.

5. With good water resistance, it can still give play to good lubrication performance in humid environment.


With good pumpability, water resistance, colloid stability and mechanical stability, the grease is applicable to the lubrication occasions with high temperature, heavy load and wide temperature range and widely used for lubrication of bearing, gear, chain and other equipment under high temperature, humidity and heavy load conditions in metallurgy, automobile, papermaking, mining, plastic extrusion, textile and other industries and may be used for long time at -30℃—200℃.

Filling method and amount: before the use of this product, it is recommended to remove the original lubricating grease in the equipment and then dry or air dry the cleaning fluid. The filling amount is recommended to be 1/2-2/3 of the mechanical filling grease space since full filling will affect the heat dissipation effect. Note: Ensure mechanical seal intactness and reliability.


440g, 1 Kg,17Kg, 180Kg

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