Product Features

1. Reduce energy consumption;

2. Conductive to dry start of equipment;

3. Reduce the parts wear and friction noise;

4. Improve the equipment utilization rate and prolong the equipment service life by 2-3 times;

5. Effective reduce friction and reduce the operating temperature;

6. Reduce friction by reducing the friction particles;

7. The oil film formed by C690G is not easily affected by the temperature changes, so as to improve the equipment power; it can effectively reduce the wear during high-temperature operation.


C690G is specially developed for the vehicle transmissions and various industrial gear transmissions requiring extreme pressure resistance. When the gear oil is replaced, this product is added at the proportion of 3%-5% by heat engine filling and the specific additive amount is determined according to the actual operating conditions. An appropriate amount of this product may be added to cracked lubricating grease to improve the comprehensive functions of the grease. The product is compatible with mineral oil, poly a-olefin and vinegar synthetic oil and should not be mixed with water based fluids, phosphate ester or polyethylene ethanol.


 1 L、20L

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