Product Features

1. Conductive to dry start: the unique extreme pressure resistant and high temperature resistant protective oil film with strong absorption provides unique lubrication protection and and improves filtration effect for dry start of the machine;

2. Improve filtration effect: effective reduce friction particles and improve the oil filtration efficiency;

3. Excellent rust protection and corrosion protection functions: the high base number is conductive to neutralizing the micro acid in the oil and the residual acid after oil combustion to effectively prevent or reduce corrosion to the parts;

4. Efficient boundary lubrication protection performance: effectively reduce or prevent the wear of the engine between metals during high-load operation;

5. Reduce the operating temperature and significantly reduce the friction in the mechanical bearing area to reduce the operating temperature;

6. Powerful cleaning function: the product has strong cleaning and purification functions for suspended solids, oil grease and colloids to ensure oil stability.

7. Excellent oxidation resistance: C690 has strong oxidation resistance function and can also effective improve the oil oxidation resistance and prolong the oil service life by 2-3 times.


The product is added to various internal combustion engine oils at the proportion of 3%-5% and heat engine filling is recommended. The product is compatible with mineral oil, poly a-olefin and vinegar synthetic oil and should not be mixed with water based fluids, phosphate ester or polyethylene ethanol.

 1 L、20L
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