Product Features

1. Improve the oil film strength and provide comprehensive extreme pressure protection. The oil film strength may be up to 4000Kgf/and above;

2. Provide boundary lubrication protection and form a unique extreme pressure resistant and high temperature resistant lubricating oil film to effectively reduce the contact and friction between the friction surfaces and to extremely prolong the service life of the hydraulic machinery;

3. Improve the liquidity of the hydraulic oil at low temperature to reduce the risks from cold start wear;

4. Reduce the operating temperature. Due to decrease of friction, the operating temperature may be reduced effectively;

5. Good comprehensive antioxidant functions can prolong the oil service life by 2-3 times;

6. The excellent cleaning function and the strong cleaning, dispersing and purification functions for suspended solids, oil grease, colloids and other precipitates ensure work stability of the hydraulic system;

7. Unique rust protection and corrosion protection functions.


The product is added to the hydraulic circulation system at the proportion of 3%-5% and the heat engine filling is recommended. The product is compatible with mineral oil, poly a-olefin and vinegar synthetic oil and should not be mixed with water based fluids, phosphate ester or polyethylene ethanol.


1 L、20L

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