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Beijia kicked off the two-day oath-taking rally themed "Marketing strategy and brand promotion" in the morning on November 11, 2015. More than 60 people inside and outside the industry and all shareholders attended this meeting. On the first day of the meeting, Hu Jigen, general manager of Beijia shared "Beijia development orientation and lubrication economy". After listening to the splendid speed of Hu Jigen for 10 hours, the participants got profound understanding of Beijia operation concept and affirmed the important significance of "lubrication economy" in China's sustainable development strategy.

11 pm at Hu's lead, the guests visited the good times science and technology 50,000 tons senior lubricants (grease) automatic production lines and R & D center staff watched the operation, "Timken" and "four-ball machine experiment, "visitors to the good times the degree of automation technology and superior product performance amazed.

In the morning on November 12, Peng Luohan, Beijia American executive vice president gave a splendid speed on the internationalization strategies of Beijia to solve the problem of "How to be geared to international standards" proposed by the participants. Mr. Apeng, the brand strategy director of Beijia deeply analyzed the brand strategy routes and drew a wonderful blueprint for Beijia development.

12 afternoon, good times science and technology planning director of marketing, product promotion on the good times and marketing in-depth explanation. Then the good times science and technology staff representatives to bring a wonderful speech. Finally, in the warm applause of the conference successfully concluded.