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With the introduction of "Made in China 2025" strategy, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry ushers in new development opportunities. However, as an essential industry for development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the lubricant, called "blood flowing in manufacturing industry", has been always applied in automobile, precision machine tools, blast-furnace equipment, power generation equipment, large cargo ships, high-speed rail, nuclear power and other high-end equipment and played a huge role in guaranteeing efficient and steady operation of the equipment. Because of subject restrictions and lack of experience, the equipment is deeply researched and concerned, but the lubricant, as the blood of equipment, is not concerned sufficiently or understood. Taking automobile for example, the engine or transmission is made of metal and much friction will generate between the internal parts during work, so the lubricant is required.

In addition to the automobile industry, the mechanical industries spring up like mushrooms under the promotion of the industrial revolution. The increasing power, increasingly high precision, increasingly wide engine varieties and increasingly high complexity propose higher requirements for the quality of the lubricants and the lubricant technologies have been in progress over the century.

The lubricants are seen everywhere currently. With increased investment in the lubrication materials and lubrication technologies by the country and deepening research and development, the domestic lubricants are developed significantly, providing silent and intangible support for high-end equipment manufactured by China. The lubricants independently researched, developed and produced in China have more competitive advantages in the fields of automobile, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and large machinery. The national brands are constantly developed in the field of high-end lubricants and can be expected to replace foreign brands soon.