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The air compressor, as general-purpose equipment, is widely used in all walks of life. The air compressor oil is used in various air compressors for friction reduction, lubrication, cooling, sealing and buffering. With the operation of the air compressor, the lubricant components will be gradually changed and mixed with some impurities, so the air compressor oil shall be changed periodically. The general knowledge on use of some air compressor lubricants is introduced as follows:

1. How is the air compressor oil classified?

The air compressor is classified into reciprocating air compressor and rotary air compressor by the structural type. The common piston type air compressor is a reciprocating air compressor, and the screw air compressor is a rotary air compressor. The corresponding air compressor oil is divided into three levels, i.e. light, medium and heavy load. The air compressor oil is classified into mineral compressor oil and synthetic compressor oil by base oil types.

2. Which kinds of reciprocating air compressor oil are there?

The reciprocating air compressor oil is divided into light load L-DAA, medium load L-DAB and heavy load L-DAC, and the viscosity grades include 32, 46, 68, 100 and 150, in which, DAA and DAB are mineral oil and DAC is synthetic oil.

3. Which kinds of rotary air compressor oil are there?

The rotary air compressor oil is also divided into three types of light, medium and heavy load, i.e. light load L-DAG, medium load L-DAH and heavy load L-DAJ. The viscosity grades include 32, 46, 68 and 100, in which, DAG and DAH are mineral oil and DAJ is synthetic oil.

4. What are the functions and main performance of the air compressor oil?

The air compressor oil is mainly used for lubrication of the moving parts and vent valves of the air compressor cylinder and for rust protection, corrosion prevention, sealing and cooling. The air compressor is always in high-pressure, high-temperature and condensate-containing environment, so it should have good high-temperature oxidation stability, low carbon deposit tendency, appropriate viscosity, viscosity-temperature characteristics, good oil-water 

resistance, rust and corrosion prevention.

5. What are the main types of synthetic air compressor oil? What are their advantages compared with the mineral oil?

The base oil used for the synthetic compressor oil mainly includes synthetic hydrocarbon (poly α- olefin), ester oil, polyether, fluorosilicon oil and phosphate. Compared with the mineral oil, the synthetic oil is characterized by excellent high-temperature stability, difficulty in generating carbon deposit at high temperature, wide operating temperature, little influence of temperature changes on viscosity, good low-temperature fluidity, low volatilization and long service life and applicable for the compressors operating in various harsh conditions. The use ratio is increasing year by year.