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•  Xue Qunji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said that "The production and transportation related to mechanical equipment are closely related to tribology. China is in urgent need for breakthrough in tribological research and application in terms of manufacturing industry and high and new technologies, which is the key for China to transform from large manufacturing country to manufacturing power".

Zhang Siwei, chairman of Tribology Institute of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and former president of China University of Petroleum pointed out that "Lubrication is closely related to sustainable development and advanced lubrication technologies are particularly important for energy conservation and emission reduction. If the friction between the mechanical equipment parts can be reduced, the wear may be greatly reduced to achieve energy conservation".

The research report Triboscience and Engineering Application Status and Development Strategies of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out that "10.5% of energy in equipment operation is consumed to overcome the frictional loss of the equipment parts (it is the average value after investigation and the value even exceeds 15% for some equipment). 20%-30% of the world energy is consumed for friction and wear, in which, the material wear caused by poor lubrication accounts for more than 60%. The loss caused by friction and wear accounts for 2%-7% of GDP in European and American developed countries and 7%-10% of GDP in developing counties. For China, the costs are equivalent to GDP under current economic development conditions plus RMB 5 trillion (the total GDP was nearly RMB 50 trillion in China in 2011).

•  According to American studies, wear is a major failure mode occurred to machine parts, it respectively accounts for 47.2% of the total failure of a complete machine, 65.3% of the failure of speed-change mechanism and 72.9% of the drive equipment failure and thus, causes the maintenance cost taking up 25% of the equipment operation cost.

With the continuous economy development, increase of the quantity of mechanical equipment, upgrade of the international economic competition situation, less production differentiation and profit and more intensive request for environmental protection, it is very important and even necessary to promote and popularize the lubrication technologies, optimize the lubrication technical proposal and improve the usage of novel lubricating materials in the course of economic development, which is also the most efficient path of tapping potential, saving energy and uplifting the operating efficiency.